My KTB site

So remember my little site that is chugging along?  Well it will be a year old tomorrow.  364 days old and below is how it did.  $463 in one year.  Not bad for a simple little site.  As you can see from the graph its just going to keep growing.  It has not broken the $100 a month mark yet, but last month was close at $98.50.

Last week I decided to try something new on the site.  I decided to outsource the photo taking.  I placed a simple ad on craigslist.  I offered $25 for people to go take some photos and email them to me.  I got about 22 responses before my post was flagged for some unknown reason.  I sent out the instructions on what I wanted and only 3 people said that they would do it.  Out of those 3 only one person actually sent me photos.  This has expanded my regions because now I can get photos from many different cities!

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