My first e-commerce site is live

I flipped the switch about an hour ago on my first e-commerce site.  It’s live and can take orders now.  I built the site using OS Commerce and a free template that I got from Template Monster.  My backend is processed by Paypal, Google Checkout and  The site was done a few days ago, but I spent a few days troubleshooting and doing test runs.  While the site isn’t exactly what I’d like it to be.  I decided to let it go live and begin working on the 2.0 version of it.

I may have to hire someone to modify its layout as I’m at the limit of my technical abilities.

The easy part is done.  The next step now is to drive traffic to it without spending too much money!  Here’s where I put everything I’ve learned about SEO from running this blog to the test.

I’m not going to post the URL but I’ll mention that the site is a retail site that sells specialty clothing and gear for the  outdoors.  I’ll go into why I choose this type of market next week. 

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