My drive to work

I have to drive 30 miles to get to my office now.  The highway is always jam packed in the morning so I’ve been taking a local route.  I’m not driving 30 miles through city, I’m driving 30 miles through backroads and rural farmland so I actually get to work a little faster than the highway.

What is amazing to me is the number of subdivisions being built on my work route.  In fact, this morning I decided to count the number of subdivisions being built as I passed by them.  I counted 19 new single family subdivisions that were under construction, 2 subdivisions that were just being staked and graded, 1 new subdivision just had a new office trailer parked there and 3 condo-conversions.

The builders are still building.  The prices on the signs seem reasonable.  But will people buy all these homes?  If I counted correctly then there are at least 25 residential communities being created along my 30 mile trip.  One of these days I will have to stop in the offices to see what incentives they are offering.

My friend who runs purchased a new construction a few days ago which you can read about here.  Builders are now offering incredible incentives to buy homes.

An opportunity?

What is very interesting is that there was absolutely no commercial in some areas.  I would pass by 5-6 subdivisions spanning 3 miles and not see a single gas station, store or strip mall.  In fact, the land in between the subdivisions was either farmland or ghetto.  I’m talking a mobile home with 6 abandoned cars on the lot, garbage littered along the roads, people tossing couches off their pickup truck on to the shoulder (yes I saw this yesterday).  However, I can’t help to think that this junkie old lot with the abandoned cars is going to be prime property in 5 years when all these homes come up around it.

Phoenix is very interesting in that you can feel like you’re in the country but you’re only 1 mile away from a major intersection.  One subdivision is across the street from a large dairy farm.  You can watch cows getting milked from your upstairs windows!

I promise I will take some pictures tomorrow!

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