Moving Ebiz5

I have had pretty good experiences using as a host.  The problem with them is their support is pretty bad when compared to other companies.  So for ebiz5 I decided to go with since they had some decent reviews.

Well after less than one month I am cancelling my hosting services with them and moving my ebiz5 back to   Ebiz5 was down at critical times for 2 days during its 14 day life so far.  Every minute my store is down is costing me a potential sale.  I have talked to their support numerous times and they basically said that if I needed 100% uptime that I should go somewhere else.

I understand that I am on shared hosting and that it can go down.  I have definitely had downtime using 1and1 in the past years, but 2 days in 14 is just too much.  Maybe I just happen to be on a shared server with some idiot who keeps crashing it.  But I don’t think I can take that chance with Xmas coming up.

In addition, Bluehost has a pretty crappy SSL cert in my opinion.  For $45 my SSL cert doesn’t even come with a real seal.  Their seal consists of me adding a jpeg onto my site. Look at these directions!  I can do this to my blog and simply add an SSL seal.  What good is a seal that doesn’t even check the site that it is on?

Here you go!

Live Learn Invest is now secure because it has a jpeg of an SSL seal.  Trust me!

So I’m going with 1and1 again.  Ebiz1 has been running on a $5/mo hosting account for over a year and it’s doing fine.  I went with Bluehost initially because I didn’t want to have all my eggs in one basket.  The problem was that the second basket was more expensive and not as good.

I’m looking for another host for Ebiz3.

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