Monthly Update

Wow, almost a month since my last update.  There isn’t really that much going on that is new.  I just felt it was time to write another post.

Same old same old stuff.  The online stores are doing very well.  It’s almost a part time job now as I’m consistently packing boxes every day.  But I don’t mind it because each box packed is money in the bank.

My shoe site made $13.00 so far this month bringing my shoe site earnings to about $25.00.  I can get a new pair soon. LOL

I’m taking a trip to Chicago for a few weeks, so I’m going back to dropshipping while I’m there.  It’s so nice to have that luxury.

Just went to Havasupai again last weekend.  I keep telling everyone that it is a MUST SEE destination.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a photo I took with no retouching or photo editting done to it.


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