Monthly Update

Ok, I’ve been told I should update my blog more often.  I am going to try to do it once a week starting now.  We’ll see how it goes.

So let’s see what happened in the past month.

Online Stuff –

Remember those sites I had in the past with the kitchen tiles, doors, fountains and what not.  Well those sites are doing pretty well now.  They are consistently pulling in about $400 a month.  A nice car payment.

My shoe site has made $61 since Feb. 25th.  A few more bucks and I can buy a new pair of shoes!

My online stores are going strong.  I am going to get one of those chess timers so I can see how much time I spend on them per day.  A few days ago I was packing up stuff and it took me 2 hours.  Most of it is because I lack a central station to do all my work.  I have my product in one room, my boxes in another and my computer in a third room.  So I go get the product, then I get the box, I make the box, then I print the packing slip, then I close the box, then I weigh it and then I make the label.  I know I can be much more efficient than that.

I have a new product line that I launched in June.  It has been an experience launching and branding my own line.  From dealing with the people overseas, to getting through customs it’s been a long haul but the product arrived last week.  Now I am contacting online retail stores and distributors to get the product into them.  It’s like I have moved a notch up the food chain.

Real Estate Stuff –

Well my battle with a short sale has finally ended with one of my homes going back to the bank.  It only took 15 months for the bank to finally decide to take it.  The short sale process was just ridiculous because the short sale department does not talk to the foreclosure department at all.  I am just happy to get rid of the place.

Meanwhile, my other rentals are doing pretty good.  I know I shouldn’t have but I looked up the values of a couple of them and they are back to what I paid for them.  The good news is that all my rentals are still cashflowing.

The 2 apartment complexes in Texas are doing OK I guess.  They sort of did a flip where the one that was cashflowing nicely has gone negative in the past few months.  And the one that was always negative was refi’d to a lower rate and now it’s cashflowing.  Not sure what will happen with these apartments, they just need to stay afloat through these times.

What Else?

Well I’m heading to Vegas tomorrow.  This is my annual trip to Vegas during the World Series of Poker.  I don’t play poker online anymore, but my friend has 2 poker related businesses now so I always go to hang out for a few days.

Oh my pond is still not done, it’s gotta be the long pond build out there.  I get lazy and leave it for a month and then start up again.  The pond has been up for almost a year.  There are 14 happy koi in it and a bunch of guppies.  The edging is almost done.  I go buy 10 pieces of flagstone at a time and mix up a bag of concrete.  It’s a good 1 hour project every few days.


Check out gold!!  Not sure what to do now.  I don’t think I should be buying more.  Of course I wish I bought more last year when it was at $935.

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