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Jon over at Art of Money has been running a series of posts called “$100 a day blogging.”  I’ve been thinking of really trying to monetize this blog and for the most part running Google Adsense and Text links don’t really interfere with the quality of the posts.  Adsense ads may intrude in the middle of a post, but I try to make sure they can be easily ignored while reading.

As Jon mentioned in his first $100 a day blogging post, Steve Pavlina says if you’re going to monetize your blog, you should really monetize it.  So I started looking at other means of income and I came across ReviewMe, Konterra and Payperpost.

Obviously ReviewMe and Payperpost will both change the content of the posts because I will have to write about a specific topic.  I took a look at the topics offered and I saw a nice variety of things that I feel I can write a good review on. 

One thing that struck me as a win-win is a feature by Payperpost called “Get paid to review my post.”  Basically, how it works is that I put a  icon at the bottom of my post.  You as a reader, if compelled, can write a review about my post on your blog.  To qualify, you have to be a new Payperpost member and sign up with the link.  Then you write a review about the post and get paid $7.50.  I also get paid $7.50.  Or if you want you can just click here to sign up and I get the whole $15.

I’m probably not going to put the  icon on many posts. I’ll give it a shot and see how this works out.  The first post I’ve put my icon on is Can you avoid a prepayment penalty.

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