Microsoft Vista WTF?

Time to vent again. 

We are used to things getting better with time.  As people invent products engineers always improve on them.  It is very rare that we go backwards in technology.  I mean compare a cell phone from 2003 to a cell phone today and I think many would agree that they are better than they were in 2003.  Cars are better, MP3 players, TV’s, video games… I could go on and on.

So how does the once mightly Microsoft manage to go backwards?  I mean how many products have come up with a newer model that just sucked… Ok, New Coke was pretty bad and so was the New Fish Filet at McDonalds.  But guess what, those companies realized their error and switched back right away.  You can’t get New Coke or the New Fish Filet anymore.

But not Microsoft, they just keep pushing Vista.  I’m sorry but Vista is just so bad. 

It’s like they just said, “After everyone gets used to where all the buttons are and they learn what all the icons stand for, let’s move them all around and change them all!  And then let’s make the OS slower and a big memory hog.  But we can cover it up with cooler animated but slower opening windows.  Then we’ll make everyone need 4Gb of RAM to run notepad.”

My 3 year old laptop is running faster than my new Vista desktop.  That is just sad.  Now I did not get a fancy top of the line PC.  But I did get a medium end one with 4 gb of RAM.  Everyone knows that a NEW PC should outperform a 3 year old PC, let alone a 3 year old laptop.

XP was a great leap from previous Windows.  Everyone has almost forgotten by now that your computer used to just stop working and you’d just casually turn it off and on and keep going.  Now you can’t even get a computer with XP.   I’ll have to look on Ebay to get a top of the line 2007 laptop with XP.  I will bet that decent old XP running computers are fetching decent amount on Ebay.

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