Messing with My Fish

I still haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of my koi pond.  But this morning I decided to test out my new GoPro HD video camera.  I bought this camera mainly to record my biking and hiking trips.   But this video camera also comes with a waterproof casing so I made it swim with the fish today.  Unfortunately the fish were all scared of this new plastic box chasing them.  But the video quality is really good.  The main problem was the focal point of this camera is further away than most of the fish shots.  Anyway, I thought I’d post the video up here in case any of you are bored enough to watch it.

For you techies, the video is recorded in 720p 30fps.  The camera can record upto 1080i, but my computer can’t even play it smoothly let alone video edit 1080i files.

Messing with my Fish from Kenric on Vimeo.

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