Meeting Robert Kiyosaki

This weekend my friend Erin set up a meeting for members of the Richdad forum here in Scottsdale, AZ. Originally this meeting was just among forum members from across the world and we were going to rent a conference room at a hotel. However, it soon became more interesting when we found out that the Richdad folks were very interested in helping us and appreciative of our forum contributions. In fact, they allowed us to use their conference room and offices for the entire weekend.

On Thursday the weekend kicked off with a small cocktail party of about 15 people. I was very excited because Robert Kiyosaki, his wife Kim and Sharon & Michael Lechter were all there. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I knew I wanted to thank him for the huge change his books have made in my life. When I got to the party, I had just walked in and was looking for my name tag when Robert came up to me.

Robert: Hi, I’m Robert Kiyosaki (like I didn’t know that)
Me: Hi, I’m Ken
Robert: Where are you from
Me: I’m from here, Phoenix… I moved here from Chicago a few years ago
Robert: That’s great
(awkard silence)
Robert: Well, thanks for coming, we really appreciate it
Me: Thanks

Well, that was my great conversation with him. Nice going, idiot. I also chickened out in asking to take a picture with him. Later on, I found out that many of the others were wishing the same but were too scared to ask also.

Kim Kiyosaki chatted with us for a long time. She is launching her new book Richwoman this weekend and she talked to us about the book and gave us some stories of how her and Robert work. She is launching her Richwoman website and took down names and numbers (from the women only) so she can get feedback for them about the book and website later. I thought that was great!

I didn’t get to speak with Michael Lechter at all, and only listened in on a few conversations with Sharon.

It was a great way to kick off the weekend meeting and I really appreciate the hospitality that the Richdad folks provided us. The fact that RK threw a party especially for us at their HQ was just incredible!

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