March is a decent month

The first week of March went very well in my stores.  The second week sort of died and then the last two weeks have picked up alot.  With just under 100 orders, it has been a good month for what generally is a slow time of year.  Last year I had 48 orders, so I basically doubled the volume.  But what is nice is that revenue tripled meaning that the orders were all larger in dollars.

I am shipping about 90% of my orders myself now.  While this is added work, I probably get 80% of the orders out within 24 hours.  It’s nice to have the control and not have to rely on dropshippers.  So far, it’s not that much work to ship 3-5 orders a day.  I think that 10 will be my breaking point and I’ll look for someone to hire.

I have big plans for my stores this year, but I can’t reveal anything just yet.  But I have launched another store which hasn’t had any sales yet.  I should be concentrating on the new store, but my current ones aren’t slowing down like I thought.

My adsense sites are also doing well.  I think I’ll have my biggest payout this month ever.  I’m also gobbling up domains and putting up decent sites.  Like my site for my new shoes, it’s a decent site and has only made 10 bucks, but traffic is increasing and its on the front page of Google for that particular brand of shoe.

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