Making Money Online – December 2007

I thought I’d make this post a few days early this month because I’m heading to California for the Rose Bowl and won’t be updating this blog for a week.  Some of the numbers won’t be 100% accurate because there are still 5 days left in December.  With the addition of the ebiz and some additional advertising sales, my online money making number finally reaches four figures.  The totals for December 2007 came to $1562.00.

I’ve decided that I will include my ebiz in my monthly numbers from now.  After all, it is a part of making money online.  The addition to the ebiz will obviously skew the numbers when compared to last year and the previous months, but many of my readers have asked for them.  I have revised the November numbers to include the ebiz, so the November total income is $787.00.

The adveristing sales were boosted by a few prepaid sales for the year 2008.  Text Link Ads continues to chug along consistently.  The adsense revenue has been extrapolated out to Dec. 31st.  The ebiz sales are up to Dec. 25th.  I don’t expect many sales in the next 5 days.

Here is the breakdown:

Adsense revenue from this blog: $100
Adsense revenue from other sites: $19
Revenue from advertising sales: $540
Ebiz 1: $903

Total Revenue: $1562


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