Looking for some good directory software

I decided I want to make a simple directory site for a niche business.  I did some preliminary research and it looks like a competitive global field but non-competitive within specific locations.  You may be wondering why I would try something in this field.  But this niche idea came to me because I couldn’t find what I needed when looking for it online

The volume for “ABC Biz” is pretty high and competitive, but the volume for “ABC Biz Phoenix” is small and has no competition.  Likewise, “ABC Los Angeles”, “ABC Arizona” or “ABC Las Vegas” has low search volume but zero competition.

My plan is to make a simple directory site and target the keyword + location throughout the entire US through SEO or through very cheap adwords campaigns.  I hope to be able to charge businesses in the ABC “location” area from $30-$60 a year to get their business located into this directory once I prove that my directory is showing up #1 organically or #1 in PPC for their “ABC location” keyword.

I want to keep my start up and a minimum, under $200 if possible so I’m looking for some decent directory software.  I would modify whatever software I get so the site doesn’t look like a cheesy directory site.  I’ll see how this goes if it does go anywhere at all.

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