Long Time No Talk

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last update.   I had a good December again and sales were up from last year. We did over $100k again in revenue.  Growth is slowing down year over year, but at least it’s still growing.

I did not end up expanding my warehouse space, although I am still looking to do that.  There are a few new challenges now as I get further into online retail.  The business is still growing but things are changing.   Google algorithms seem to change constantly now and brand building is now super important.  Keeping my stores at #1 in Google is more difficult now, but I’m also moving away from relying on that so much.  The direction I’m going seems to be wholesale and Amazon and maybe brick and mortar.  I know I said that before but it’s a slow transition for me so I’ll probably be mentioning it more.  I hate having to talk about it so vaguely, but I’m sure you understand why.

I have a couple new products coming in finally.  The minimum quantity on these is kind of alot since it’s a new design and print on fabric.  They have to print new fabric and the minimum is around 500 square meters of material.  So it’s definitely a commitment.  But initial reaction to my product have been decent so I’m going to take the risk and make the order.

I went to Antarctica over New Years and it was probably the best place I’ve been in all my travels.  It was a 11 day cruise from Argentina.  Here is my vacation video from it.

And lastly, that new business in 2013 that I mentioned a bunch should be getting off the ground.  I should be posting a link to it in a few months!


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