Long Distance Driving and Mixergy

So this past weekend I drove to LA.  6 hours each way and I really do love driving.  Have you guys been on a site called Mixergy?  If not, I highly recommend going there and listening to some of its interviews.

The beauty of Mixergy is that I can download his interviews and listen to them during the drive.  I listened to 5 interviews during my drive to and back from LA.  I really do learn alot during these interviews.

I thought that this was a great interview.  I listened to it on Sunday’s drive and it made an entire hour go by like it was 15 minutes.

Leadership Through Stories?! – with Derek Sivers

Interesting topics

  • He sold his company for $22 million and gave it all to charity!
  • Fuck ya or No decision making
  • Giving customer service call center people some leeway

For ecommerce, there were a couple of golden interviews that I heard a while back.

This one was a guy who started selling bicycle tires from his house in the UK.

Bootstrapped To $1 Mil In 1 Year By Selling Tires?! – with Lou Doctor

Another great one was these guys who started an ammo ecommerce site.

LuckyGunner: Bringing Internet Marketing To The Ammunition Business – with Brian Crane

This was pretty good.  I listened to this one on my flight to Prague.  He started an SEO company.

He Lost It All. Then He Built A Multimillion Dollar SEO Company – with Phil LaBoon

My point is that this information is golden and its all free.  Go learn!

I have a 12 hour drive on Saturday to start my mountain biking vacation in Colorado.  I have to find 20 more interviews to listen to!

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