Liz Claiborne sunglasses

picture-041.jpgYesterday I was hiking on Camelback Mountain with some friends.  Ahead of us were two girls hiking and they stopped and one girl began climbing down the mountain off the trail.  We came up to them and asked what they were doing.  One girl had spotted a pair of sunglasses about 15′ down the mountain and wanted to go get them.  Now, I’m all for getting free stuff, but this was not an easy 15 feet.  It was about a 45 degree slope, hard packed dirt with small pebble sized rocks.  If she had slipped, she would have falled a long way down.  We stood and watched as she slid down the slope holding onto small brush to keep from falling.  She got to the sunglasses and the girl at the top asked what brand they were.  The girl at the bottom happily said, “Liz Claiborne”.  After she crawled back up the slope to the trail she tried them on.  They actually looked ok on her but then she noticed the hinge on one side was broken.  Disheartened, she still kept them and continued on hiking.  The whole time I was thinking, you did that for a pair of sunglasses?  Maybe I’m just too old and risk adverse.

Later on during the hike, my friend sees another pair of sunglasses and says, “Look, some Oakleys”.  Of course, we didn’t try to get them, plus they looked fake anyway.

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