Left or Right Brained

I’m just started taking a few classes at the local community college for the fall semester.  It’s really different going back to school as a student who wants to learn about a subject rather than a student who is in class just because it’s a required class.  I obviously don’t care about the grade at all now, however I pay more attention in class than the students who obviously do care.  Anyway, this post isn’t about the classes, it’s about one of my professor’s roll calls.

Taking Attendance

At the start of each class, the student in the front row signs his name on a sheet of paper and passes it back to the next student.  Each student in the row (front to back) signs the sheet and then it’s passed to the next row over and the process repeats until everyone has signed it.  This is the form of taking attendance.

Once the paper gets to the professor, he, in an attempt to put names with faces will read the sheet of paper out loud and match the face.

Roll Call

So imagine the sheet of paper says:  John, Mike, Todd, Jeff, and so on…

He would read “John” and then look around the room until he found John.  John is in the first row sitting in the first seat.  He’s usually the guy you gave the sheet of paper to.  Once he found John, he would read “Mike” and then look around the room.  He would usually find Mike sitting right behind John.  Ok, maybe he thought the paper was passed around the wrong way.  Then he would read “Todd” and look around the room.  At this point I’m saying to myself, “Dude, Todd is right behind Mike!!!!  Do you think we just randomly passed that sheet of paper around?   I will bet you $1,000 that Jeff is the dude sitting behind Todd.”  I literally sit there in amazement as he goes through the whole list of students.  Does this guy not understand mathematical logic or recognize patterns?

Maybe since I’ve been educated as an engineer that recognizing a pattern comes easy to me. 

Logically speaking, I would assume that the person I gave the sheet of paper to would be the first name on the list.  In addition, after reading out two or three names and seeing the results are sequencially moving down the first row, I would deduce that the students signed this sheet in order of row going front to back.  Finally, if I’m down to the final name and there is one person left in class who I didn’t match a name to, I’d conclude that the final name belongs to that person!

I should tell you that this is a Philosophy class.  This professor is very intelligent and can obviously do some deep thinking about any philosophical topics.  That’s why I find it so intriguing when it comes to roll call. 

It really has me wondering about how left or right our brains can be.  Philosophy is considered right brain thinking.  Math and logic are considered left brained.  Going into the class, I knew that I am left brained.  I chose to take creative and thinking classes because I wanted to exercise my right brain.  This is why I was so conscious of this roll call method during the first day.   Can a professor in Philosophy be so extremely right brained that there is no math and logic portion in his left brain?  I wonder if he knows that this is one of his weaknesses which is why he performs this exercise during every class.

In business, people say that you should partner yourself with people who have different strengths than you.  I found myself wondering how someone like this who do in real estate investing.  Where would his strengths be?

In any case, this class has got me thinking in more ways than one.

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