Late May Update

This month started off slow.  A couple of my stores got hit with the Google penguin update and fell to the 2nd page.  They are still getting orders but sales are definitely down.  I’m not exactly sure how to get them back to the first page yet.  SEO seems to be in limbo right now with people trying to figure out what to do next.

I’ve been working on my store’s Facebook pages.  I’m thinking of expanding my ebay Store and opening up an Amazon estore also.  This should increase my reach to the customers.

I got more product lines coming in.  I should be getting some new samples this week from Taiwan.  I hope to have a good fall/winter this year.

Next week I’m going on a whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon.  I won’t have internet or cell phone for 5 days.   I guess we will see how my businesses get handled by my employees!  They won’t have anyone to call for help.


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