Just returned from SXSW

Last week was my first time going to South by Southwest.  I went and paid for a badge to go to the Interactive session of the event.  The interactive session is mainly comprised of business and tech related speeches, meet-ups and sessions.  It was a bit overwhelming as there were at times over 20 different events to choose from at the same time.  So here are the highlights of what I did:

  • Met Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos at a dinner party.
  • Went to a pitching session where startups got to pitch their new business to investors for 5 minutes.  Not quite like Shark Tank, but like a mini-Shark Tank where no investors made offers.
  • Went to a travel bloggers meetup
  • Heard Elon Musk speak about Space X and Tesla
  • Heard Peter Thiel speak about how maybe luck is not created, but is really just luck
  • Met a bunch of new people at many other events.

I think the highlight of the week was when I met Tim Ferriss and was able to tell him how I started my e-commerce store based upon his first book the 4 hour work week and how it has grown into a full fledged business.

I think the best thing about going to SXSW Interactive is that you meet people who are very similar to you.  Almost everyone I met was a business owner.  Many were founders of small start-ups trying to get traction and many had huge businesses already.  Actually, coming home I sort of felt lazy because it seemed like everyone there was working on so much stuff compared to me.

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