June 2012 Update

June 2012 was not the greatest month for my stores.  In fact, revenue was the lowest since May 2011.  But as meager as that sounds, it’s not all bad.  I have been making moves on the ecommerce front to protect the business from becoming too one-dimensional or “google” dependent.

So while the revenues in my stores were pretty low.  These numbers did not include any eBay or Amazon sales.  I had a decent amount of eBay sales but only one Amazon sale.  I hope to increase these sales channels every month until they become a decent chunk of my revenue.

I’ve also actively begun facebook marketing and trying to get more likes to my facebook business pages.  This has been slowly working and the likes are steadily growing.

My new employee started in June and she is doing great.  She has definitely freed up my time so that I can work on other strategic things.  And I have been working on many!

Here’s a hint on what I’ve been working on.  One of my friends did this:  $1k to $700k in 15 months

Oh, and my Ferrari is in the shop.  It needs a new transmission because one or some of the gears may have chipped.  I was getting a funny sound when it was moving without gas.  I found a used transmission for $7500 which is being installed as I type this.  Not looking forward to the bill.

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