It’s Always Summer Somewhere!

I haven’t really been concentrating on my Ebiz2, which is my kayak store.  After all, it’s winter in the States, who is going to buy a kayak.  I posted back in October that the PPC campaign was not going to work for this site.  So I began to concentrate on SEO and I did place an order for those articles for Ebiz2 and I did manage to get the store ranked for a bunch of kayaking terms. 

I still do PPC but I only bid the bare minimum and it’s basically doing nothing for me.  In fact I’ve only spent $0.56 in the last two months.  My site is getting less than 10 visitors a day.  But 2 days ago it spiked to 18 visitors and 13 yesterday.

Amazingly, out of those visitors I got one sale!  Until yesterday, my kayak site made one measley sale.  It was a good sale too!  I sold a decent priced kayak and it’s shipping to Australia.  Who else would buy a kayak in December?

Remember when Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week said to sell these high dollar products?  Well these kayaks ain’t cheap.  The average kayak is around $800.  Shipping to Australia is $200!  With high prices usually comes high profits.  I say usually because I got some crappy margin stuff that sells at $2,000 and only makes $150.  That’s what happens when the manufacturer doesn’t put a MAP (Minimum advertised pricing) on their products.

It’s amazing how one little sale changes your whole feeling about a store or project.  Maybe I should start working on this store now… I forgot that it’s always summer somewhere!

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