I missed a blog update

I just realized that I forgot to make a post for yesterday.  Truth is that there isn’t that much going on right now to post about unless you wanna hear about my golf game.

I have my trip to Salt Lake City later this week.  I’ll finally get to see the conditions of my townhomes there and meet my PM.

I showed the Westwing Mountain rental home to one couple over the weekend.  BTW, there are new pictures on the website.

Things in Houston were coming along.  I can’t speak too much about it until its done but basically we (and I mean someone else by “we” because I’m not involved in this part) were under negotiations with a seller and almost had a deal done.  But another party came in last minute with a higher offer.  So we are back to square one.

And for you tech savvy computer people I got this cool new device called the wireless USB hub.  This device sits next to your wireless router and has 5 usb ports.  It has to be plugged into your router via cat5.  Here’s a review of it.

I can plug my printer, external hard drives, card readers, etc… into it and it’s just like they are directly pluggen into my laptop.  Personally, I have 2-3 external hard drives which I use for backup and storage and a printer.  Now I can access them all the time wirelessly and print wirelessly.  I was going to by a wireless print server, but this thing was just $20 more ($120).  No more cables coming out of your laptop (except the power). 

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