I just realized why movies keep getting worse and worse

I saw “Cloverfield” two days ago.  It was a decent movie but I got tired of the shaky camcorder style filming after about 30 minutes.  Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.  So as I was thinking about the movie, I thought of some ways to improve it.  I was thinking, they should do 50% shaky cam, 50% regular movie cam, the monster should have done this, etc…   Then it hit me, you cannot improve a movie.  You just can’t make “Cloverfield 1.1” and release it in 2009.  Nobody would go and see it.  A movie is just one of those products that you have to get right on the first try.  There aren’t many products like that out there.

Sometimes I think its a total waste when there is a great original story and it gets butchered within the movie.  I really wish another production company or director could take the same story and just refilm it.  Imagine if you could hand Jerry Bruckheimer, James Cameron, Steven Speilberg and Quentin Tartantino the script to Cloverfield and have them all make the movie.  We would probably get at least one great movie. 

Video games like Halo are pretty much the same in terms of script.  They are improved in every version.  I remember buying the first John Madden Football video game for Sega Genesis in 1989.  It was a great game, however gamers complained about certain little things and the next year Madden ’90 made those changes.  17 years later, the  quality of football video games have gotten better every year.

It seems like everything else in the world gets improved over time except movies.  Many aspects of them have improved such as special effects, video quality, sound, etc… However, it just seems like overall they have not.

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