How I get essentially free web hosting for my ebizes

My webhosting accounts at are pretty much free.  In fact, I consider them to be risk free in terms of ebusiness testing. When I start a new store, I need to buy a domain and I will buy the .com and .net versions at the same time. I usually get a new HOME account at 1and1 which comes with 2 domains. With that I pay for 6 months of hosting upfront for $30 total ($5/mo) and I’m able to begin creation of a new store.

The beauty of the setup is that with their free ad vouchers and affiliate payouts, my $30 investment comes back to me within 2 weeks.

Included with that package is:
2 domain names
$50 microsoft adcenter voucher
$25 adwords voucher
$25 yahoo search marketing voucher
$20 Affiliate Link payout

So you can see that I basically am getting $120 total credit for using 1and1 for 6 months and I’m paying out of pocket $30. It is costing me -$90 to run my business for 6 months. If the store fails, I just cancel my hosting account and open another.

So you can see that it really costs you money to not sign up!! This is really a no brainer to me, which is why I dive into new stores and new domain names without hesitation.

P.S. Many hosting companies have these deals and its real nice when you can take full advantage of them. In fact, my Bluehost account came out to be -$15 for using them for a year. Too bad I just couldn’t stick with them.

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