Homes on golf course lots

A month ago while we were playing golf, we came up to a tee that sat about 10 feet above the backyard of a home.  From the tee, we could see directly into the backyard into the pool, yard and through windows of the home.  In addition, the cart path was designed so that we parked our cart less than 10 feet away from the fence line.  The home had view fence so even where we parked we could see directly into the yard.

I was thinking that it must suck to have that backyard.  During the busy season in Phoenix they will stagger tee times every 6 minutes.  Can you imagine that every 6 minutes from 6:00am to 4:00pm everyday you’d have a group of four golfers pull up next to your fence, walk to the tee, have a full view of your yard, swing a club and leave?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve hit a ball into someone’s yard also.  I can’t imagine that the owners of those homes like to have errant golf balls flying into there yard every once in a while.  Many of them have put up netting about 30 feet high to guard against golf balls.  What good is having a golf course lot if your yard is surrounded by netting?  It must feel like you’re living in a batting cage.

So when you’re choosing a home on a golf course lot, be sure to figure out how the hole is designed before you buy!

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