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Every year it’s the same tough decision, where do we go mountain biking.  This year again, it’s a 50/50 toss up between Sun Valley, Idaho and Crested Butte, CO.

While looking for vacation homes I came across a site called HomeExchange.com.  A home exchange is an alternative to renting a place to stay at your vacation destination. Instead you find another family that wants to come visit your city at the same time and plan a home swap.

When you think about it, it does make sense.  Nobody is living at your home while you are away for 2 weeks.  What better way to save some money and make use of your home while you are gone.

Unfortunately for me, I live in Phoenix and I want to visit other places in the summer.  I don’t think that my home is a valuable swapping destination when it is 110 degrees outside here.  But this scenario has peaked my interest for vacation rentals again.  Because if I had a second home or vacation rental in a resort town, a home exchange could be a great way for me to get away from Phoenix every summer.  I bet a Scottsdale house would be a good swap candidate in the winter though.  A quick search revealed about 20 homes in Scottsdale in the system.

I have one rental in Chicago which could be considered a desirable city to live in.  If I have trouble renting it out this summer, I wonder if I could exchange it for a month in a resort town.  I think some people would love to live in Chicago for a month during the summer.  In some cases it could be a great deal for one person.  If my condo rents at $1,750/mo and I can swap it for a condo in Aspen that rents for $3,000/mo, it would be a great deal for me.  It could easily be slanted in the other direction too.

What this site needs desperately is an “I would like to visit” search so I can punch in Phoenix or Chicago and see a list of people who want to visit my cities.  Then I can look through the list and see if I want to visit their towns.  I am definitely keeping this site in mind for my next long term vacation especially if it’s abroad.

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