Holiday Ebiz Update

So I thought I was doing pretty well on stock by planning ahead of time this year.  But it looks like I may run out, or my dropshippers may run out of stock again before Xmas.

There is one particular product that is very hot this year and luckily I own the number 2, 3 and 5 slots in google for it.  I’ve probably sold over 100 units of that alone this month.  So my dropshipper sold out of this item last Tuesday, they had another 80 coming in last Friday so I pre-purchased 50 of them (they wouldn’t let me purchase all 80).  I had them send 12 of them to my house and keep the rest for dropshipping.

My plan was to hold the 12 until Xmas week because I know that I will get frantic parents calling at the last minute who will spend the $80 for overnight shipping.

This plan would have been great except that it’s only Tuesday and I’ve sold 41 of them already so I only have 9 left.  That will probably last me only today.  Then I will be sold out again which sucks.

My dropshipper is suppose to get 100 more this week.  I sure hope they do, because at this rate I will probably sell another 60 before Xmas.

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