Hello from Africa

Well it turns out I have wifi at the lodge.  I don’t know how they get internet out here.  It’s literally in the middle of nowhere.  It’s unsecured and the funny thing is that right now, at about 12am, it runs fine.  But during the day it runs like a 1200 baud modem.  So I’m guessing that everyone is on this single internet connection during the day.

I arrived here at midnight last night.  It took me 3 flights and about 30 hours.  I haven’t been on an international flight in 17 years.  But I’m glad that everyone has their own personal screen with a DVR with alot of movies to choose from.  It made the flights bearable.

They served a ton of food on KLM flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro.  It was a 9 hour flight and we had 4 separate meals.  The first one was a regular dinner, chicken & rice, salad and dessert.  It came with some weird lime green custard that was really good.  I went to sleep and I woke up to some bread, butter and juice.  I went to sleep again and woke up to chocolate ice cream and water.  Then with about 1 hour left in the flight they came around and served another full meal, salad, quiche, pasta and dessert.  I got off that flight very full.

We landed at 10pm and it took me an hour to get my visa.  It was a mad house and it was hotter than Phoenix in the summer!   Once I got out of the airport I saw a guy with a sign and my name on it.  He gave me and 5 other people a ride to our lodge.  It was a 1 hour ride and the road was pitch black.  I kept expecting to see a zebra jump out into the road in front of us.

Today, I walked from the lodge to the center of town, Arusha.  It was about a 3 mile walk or $5 by taxi.  I thought I’d walk it to see the sights.  Honestly, there wasn’t much to see.  Most people stare because you stick out like a sore thumb but it wasn’t bad… until you got into town.

Then people would come up to you and try to talk to you.  There must be a school on how to befriend a foreigner because each person had the same story.  First, it was hi how are you.  Then it was where are you from?  I said Chicago a few times and the response was always, “I know Chicago Bulls, You like Michael Jordan?”  although one person said “You know Kanye West?”  They were all artists who had paintings to sell.  I didn’t want to tell them their paintings sucked. When I started saying I was from China, they didn’t have a response for that.  So I stuck with the no English plan, when they came up.

They would then keep walking with you and try to convince you to go to market.  They pretty much try to sell anything and try to get you to buy.  Some guys gave up after a few blocks.  It was almost like they had a territory they had to stay in.  But if you never show interest, they give up.

As soon as you got one to leave, another guy would show up at the next block. None of them were pushy or aggressive.  But sometimes, you get a weird vibe from some of them.  Once I put on a hat and my sunglasses, less people came up to me.  Maybe because I might have blended in better or maybe I looked like I didn’t want to be bothered.

I did see another white guy, who looked like a tourist.  He was following one of the dudes to the market.  What a poor sap.

I wish I had a photo of the market to show you.  But I didn’t want to pull out my SLR while I was there.  So I came home empty handed, shopping for souvenirs just isn’t fun for me.  But I promised a few people I would get them something.  I think I saw a bracelet made from elephant ball hairs.  I’ll get them that.  LOL

Tomorrow is the first day of the climb.

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