Headed to Prague

So tomorrow I get on my plane to Prague.  This is the longest trips I’ve been on since 92 and I’m not quite sure how much or what to bring.  I tend to travel light but I will need to bring a check in bag this time.

I am heading to Prague as part of a study abroad group.  There are 39 of us going and I am taking Digital Photography 101.  I don’t think that there’s a better way to live and see Prague than a trip like this.

First of all, it was fairly cheap, about $2,600 for the month.  We are staying at NYU dorms.  We are going as a fairly decent size group and living together.  I should always be able to find someone to go somewhere with.

The field trips are all included in the price , except for Amsterdam (edit went to Budapest instead), in which a small group of us are taking a 3 day trip over.

The course syllabus looks like this:

Monday – Wednesday: Class 9am to 12pm, local field trips in the afternoon

Thursdays (Daily Field Trips): Prague Castle Tour, Jewish Quarter, Cesky Krumlov, Karlstejn Castle

Weekend Trips: Vienna 3  days, Budapest 3 days ($500 extra cost estimated)

So overall, it’s a $3,100 trip for 5 weeks, not including food.  I was able to get my plane ticket using miles racked up from my ebiz.  The ticket was only 55,000 miles.

I will have my laptop and internet so I can take care of biz and post photos and updates.  Should be a fun time.

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