Happy Holidays

Well, the holidays are over and the stores had a very good year.  My suppliers ran out of stock on Monday December 21st.  That wasn’t bad because the bulk of the orders were done a few days before.

Next year, I am going to pre-order a whole bunch more products so I will have even more stock than my competitors.  I made alot of customers happy this year because I kept some stock back until December 21st.  Then I posted on my stores that I had them in stock and they would ship the same day.  I also increased my price a little and make a decent profit on any type of expedited shipping.  So some products that normally had a $20 profit were making $40-$50 instead.

Today, I was expecting a bunch of calls.  Generally I expect to get calls about returns and exchanges and also wrong shipments.  But I only had 2 returns, 1 wrong package sent and 1 lost package.

I have to start training someone else to take care of my stores because I am going out of the country and will have no internet or cell phone access.  I’ll be going to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2 weeks.  I was tempted to just shut the stores down during that time, but I would lose alot of revenue.

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