Greening my Home, Part 2

Today my rolls of Coolaroo arrive.   This fabric is suppose to block up to 90% UV rays.  I bought the hardware that I needed from Home Depot and I made a small mock up in my driveway.


I drilled a hole in a cinder block and threaded an eye bolt through it.  Then I attached the shade fabric as shown.  The spring is there to keep tension in the shade.


Using 4 cinder block I stretched out a 6′ x 7′ section on my driveway.  It looks pretty taught and there isn’t much sag.  My first try I went with 6′ x 15′ and it sagged alot in the middle.


I didn’t measure the space below the shade, but it’s probably about 6 inches.  I finished this at about 5pm so the was on its down at this point.  I bought a few digital thermometers to take some temperature readings.


The temperature on the exposed concrete was 117 and the temperature under the shade was 110.  This 7 degree difference was there until the sun went down and then the temperature difference went away.  7 degrees is not that great of a difference.  I wouldn’t put this on my roof for a mere 7 degree gain.

I’ll check the temperatures again tomorrow during the day and see if there are bigger differences.  I think that one of the problems with my thermometers is that they measure air temperature.  I really need something that measures surface temperature like a temperature probe, but I don’t want to spend alot of money on it either.


9:00am – 109 degrees under shade, 129 degrees without shade

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