Greening my Home, Part 1.1

So following up on my plan to add a 2nd roof.  I am not literally adding a 2nd roof that has any load bearing capacity.  I found a product that I am going to mimic.  It’s called Roof Shade.  It is basically a cloth cover that you place about 8 inches above your roof.

This cloth is breathable so water and air travel right through it.  However it reflects90% of UV rays.  I found a material that I believe is very similar to the roof shade material.  It’s the same material used for shade sails.  I purchase some rolls from Home Depot’s online store for $20 a roll.  Each roll is 6′ x 15′.  I plan to anchor these shades on the roof to a couple concrete cinder blocks.

This graph below shows a 50 degree temperature difference at the surface of the roof.  I don’t doubt that I will see the same effect on my roof.

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