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.ASIA domains

Well it doesn’t look like I got any of the 53 .ASIA domain names I applied for uncontested.  There have been over 150 million domain names registered so the chances of any simple word domain going uncontested was very slim.  The next step is to go to auction for the 53 names that I bid on.  I don’t think I’m going to bid very high for any of them.


I’ve been doing ok playing poker online lately.  Since my friend Bill stayed with me a week, he encouraged me to move up to $0.10/$0.25.  He fixed a few of my leaks and I’ve been comfortabling playing at this level now.  I’ve committed myself to playing at least 1 hour a day, 4 tables at a time which equates to 400 hands a day or 12,000 hands a month.

To get an idea of how much can be made at this very low level.  If I am a halfway decent player that makes $2.50 per 100 hands, I should make $10/day or $300/month.  If I add in some rakeback (~$80) I’m at close to $400/mo.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide graphs any more because I’ve been changing my screen name which screws up my poker software stat tracker.  This totally screws my $1 to $1000 graph, but I’ll still try to create one when the month of March is over.


I finally got this store back up.  Still waiting for the SSL certificate.  I haven’t made any other sales since but I haven’t been running any ads either.  I’m getting about 4 hits a day from search engines which I didn’t expect.


In our softball league, other teams make comments about our speed when we play.  We get these odd comments during every game.  My favorite one so far was, “I didn’t know we were playing the olympic track team.”  Now our team is not a young team, we are probably one of the oldest teams playing.  I don’t think we are that fast, maybe we just look fast cause we are all in shape.  We are that team with no power and alot of speed.  The other teams have huge players and no speed.

So we were talking about how fast we think we can run the 40 yard dash.  We know that top athletes run it in the mid 4’s.  My initial thinking was that I can do a 5.5-6.0.  Then I asked my friends and the answers were from 4.9 to 8.0 seconds.  That’s when we realized that we had absolutely no idea.  A search on Google did not uncover any answers.  So I posted my question on Yahoo answers and got many answers which were pretty meaningless I think.  Which means that the only way to find out is to run and time a 40 yard dash!

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