General update

Time for a general update on my stuff…

Tucson fixer update: It’s been a long time since my last update on this project.  During the last update we had just got power to the house.  Things were going well until the summer monsoons hit the house in July and August.  We had some water damage due to some roof leaks.  After that, we basically got fed up with the house and decided to sell it as a fixer upper.  We priced where we’ll sell at a slight loss.  It doesn’t need alot of work to finish but I think our enthusiasm for this project was gone so we decided to sell as is.

The good news is that we have had 4 offers on the house.  The offers are all over the place, the high ones want seller financing and the lows ones are planning on getting 100% loans.  I’m having a tough time picking one.  Who would have thought that we would have to do a multiple counter-offer in this market.

SLC townhome #2: There is no news on the earnest money situation.  We’re supposed to be going to small claims court to settle it sometime soon.  The townhome is back up for sale and also available for rent.  We had a rental application come in earlier this week, but the lady decided to go with another property.

SLC townhome #1: I’ve got an 8 month lease signed with the previous tenants.

SFH#2: SFH#2 has been put on the market.  Let’s hope for a quick sale.

Apartment in Texas: This should be closing by the end of the month.

$1 to $1000 Poker goal: I had my balance up past $800 at one point.  But I’m in a downswing right now, so it’s back down to $633.

Maggie: My dog Maggie is still in the hospital.  Things are looking good, I hope she can come home tomorrow.  I’m dreading that hospital bill.

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