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I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but the ebiz stores are still doing well.  I’m getting a decent number of sales every day.  It’s does feel like work during this month because I have to answer phone calls and call people back in a timely manner.  I can choose to lose sales by not doing so, but it’s worth my time right now to man the telephones.

On a real estate related note, I am so frustrated with Bank of America that I’ve given up.  Today was the last day that I initiate a call to them.  I can really believe why banks are in trouble.  They are so inefficient that I don’t believe that they can get anything done.  I spent 30 minutes on hold and talked to two useless people and got transferred to a third and just hung up.

Remember back in January last year when I called to inquire about the loan mod?  Well ever since then, my loan has been stuck in loan mod hell.  Which to me really means nothing because I found out that I can’t qualify for it.  But the funny thing is that according to them, I’m still in the loan mod program.  I don’t meet any of the loan mod requirements to qualify, but I am in the program.  This means that the loan mod team keeps calling me asking when I’m going to send in my documents.  I always tell them never, but I’m still in the program.

When all loan mod avenues are exhausted, they refer you to the short sale department.  That’s fine, I talk to them, but guess what?  You can’t get into the short sale department if your loan is in the loan mod department.  Because why would they accept a short sale if they can just modify your loan?

So basically, I can’t get a loan mod. or a short sale.  So what’s the next step if I fail to pay my mortgage according to them? Foreclosure.  They threaten you with foreclosure but based on what I’ve learned that’s never going to happen either.  I am willing to bet that if I stopped paying on my primary home I could play their loan mod, short sale dance for at least 24 months without ever getting foreclosed on.  As long as I’m stuck in the loan mod status, they won’t foreclose or allow me to do a short sale.  They threaten you with foreclosure but they can’t do it because of their stupid rules.  So if they can’t foreclose on you, why pay the mortgage?

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