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Geek Squad 

I was in Best Buy asking questions about a new 19″ flat panel monitor that I bought.  The problem is that my laptop graphics card doesn’t seem to work properly.  The salesman told me to go ask the Geek Squad.  The geek there says “I don’t know I usually don’t buy laptops with crappy video cards.”  Hence the reason he’s working at “GEEK” squad.

Poor Design for the General Public means Good Design for Others 

Sometimes, a techno geek’s trash is another person’s treasure.  I bought this tiny Panasonic SDR-10 camcorder yesterday.  It’s footprint is actually smaller than my cell phone.  Camcorder reviewers did not like this model because it’s hard to handle due to its lengthwise design.  The buttons are also sort of crappy. It’s also made of plastic which gave it a cheap feel.  I don’t think it was a hot seller.  Maybe that’s why it on sale for only $229.

But for me it’s the perfect camcorder.  I’ve been looking for a camcorder to replace my helmet cam that broke 2 years ago.  I needed a cheap (break and replace), lengthwise design, lightweight (i.e. plastic and cheap), no frills (I only wanted a record button) camcorder.


My Dog is Always Happy 

Sometimes I wonder how my dog can always be so happy.  As humans we tend to lose excitement in things after a while.  The first time you drive your new sports car, its so exciting, you can not wait to drive it off the lot.  The next day, you’re still excited.  Two weeks later, still excited.  Two months, maybe you’re still excited but nowhere near the level of excitement on day one.  A year later, ummm not so much.  Two years later, its just a car.

However with dogs their excitement never fades.  Everyday at dinner time it’s the same dance.  He’s been eating dinner for 8 years.  Once I put it in his bowl, he’s gonna get dinner.  I’ve never not given him dinner.  But everyday, he jumps up and down waiting for his dinner.  How does he stay so excited for this many years?  At the park everyday, he chases the same red ball with the happiness and drive as he did the first day I got him the ball 4 years ago.

I really wish I could be like that.  What is it about us that make us get bored or feel indifferent about things that were once so exciting?

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