First Video Blog Post

Here is my first video blog post.   I needed some practice with my helmet camera for Mt. Kilimanjaro so I brought it with me on my hike yesterday.  The volume of the video might be a little low because I didn’t want to talk loudly while on the trail.  People walking by probably thought I was crazy sitting there talking to myself.

I hope I didn’t screw this up, I didn’t watch it after I uploaded it.  I thought video blogging was suppose to be quicker than typing but this is taking way too long.

One thing that I think is good about videoing yourself is that you can see any bad habits in public speaking that you may have.  I think I say “anyway” and “so” way too much.  You won’t believe how many I editted out.  I’m doing better with my “ums” but a few do sneak in there.

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