Elmo update

Well, I sold all but one Elmo.  The prices on Ebay have been holding at $75-$80.  My total profit for 15 Elmo’s is $400.  I’m going to keep the last one until around December.  I made $28 per Elmo.  My margins went up as I got better at estimate shipping costs.

Check out this post on another forum.  Proof that people who do can make money anywhere.  The news was out that Walmarts were restocking Elmos on Sunday.  Personally, I didn’t want to wake up that early.  But here is someone who did.

“6am Sunday morning—Walmart: I’m the only one waiting at the door when they opened. I asked the door greeter where the Elmo’s were and she pointed to a large pallet at the end of the isle. I walked up to the clerk and told him that I wanted some Elmo’s. He replied, “How many?”, “All of them”, I said…

…As of right now, 5:45pm CDT, every single Elmo has sold for at least $75. The last 5 are up now. Average profit margin is $31.15 per Elmo for a total profit of $4,049.50 after all ebay, paypal and shipping fees have been deducted. I took 2 days off work to pack all these up for shipping…”

Read whole post here.  Not bad for 3 days of work!

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