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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my truly passive income websites and honestly I haven’t really even checked them.  I just get a Google direct deposit every month for around $300.  For this blog post I actually pulled up my account to see what my monthly’s were.  August was $325 and September was $379, so they are still doing well.


The month of October has started off with a bang.  I know that I will definitely beat my monthly record that was set last December where I had 265 total orders and about $32,000 in gross revenue.  It has been 11 days and I have had 182 orders and almost $20,000 in gross revenue.  At this rate my store could actually bring in over $50,000 in sales this month.


Next year there is a study abroad program in Prague.  It is a digital photography class that goes for one month in June 2011.  The class is $2500 and is actually worth 3 credit hours, not that I care about that, but it shows that it is a real college class.  As far as I can tell, you go to class in the morning and travel around town taking photos in the afternoon.

I am leaning towards enrolling in the class because I think it will be a fun experience.  You live in a dormitory on a college campus along with 40 other students from the states.  I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a new country.

To be able to even think about attending this trip shows made me realize that what I’ve been working on for years has come to fruition.  I can take a month off run my business from Prague.  While others will save up for this trip, I will still be making money while I’m on it.    It’s this freedom that makes everything worth my time.

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