Ebiz Update August 2011

I think I am going to post a monthly update to my stores.  I have the Ebiz Stores Summary on the main page.  But I’ll do a monthly update on how each is going.  It’s hard for even me to keep them straight in my head so I hope its not too confusing for you guys.

Ebiz G” – Opened in Sept 2010.  This store has very few sales.  But it’s purpose is not to get sales.  It’s more of a strategic blocker store.)

I paid an SEO company to get this store to the front page of Google in April.  I had given up on them but last week they got my store to #7 in google for a major keyword.  I paid them $500 to do this.

Trafffic is up on the store but no sales at all.  It’s ok, because this is suppose to be a blocker store anyway.  But no sales at #7 shows what a huge difference there is between being #1-#5 and #7 in google.

I will need to tweak this site now that it’s on page 1.

Ebiz “H” – Opened in Jan 2011. Sort of new niche, but semi related to stores A and E.

This store has exceeded expectations.  It’s been out-profiting my 2 most successful stores (not combined, but individually) and it’s only 8 months old.

Ebiz “I” – Opened in Mar 2011.  Changed domain name in August 2011

I decided that the original domain for this site needed to be changed.  I am going to stick with my tight niche domain formula instead of going broad.  So I switched the domain over and will proceed like it’s a new store.  It has had one sale in the 5 months it’s been open, but that’s not a reflection of the product more than a reflection of a neglected store.

Ebiz “J” – Opened in July 2011.  Put on back burner due to Ebiz H and I.

This is the niche store that I thought would be a cash cow.  And I still believe it will.  But it has thin margins and the products are very heavy (40-80 lbs) and there is more liability with this product.  So I have set it aside since I’ve found a few other niches that seem “easier” to profit from.

Ebiz “K” & Ebiz “L” – Opened in August 2011.

My research showed that both of these niches have high margins and low competition.  That is why I shelved Ebiz J and started these two stores.

This research was done before I even left for Prague in June.  I thought about these two stores and their domains while I was there.  I bought the domains when I got back in July and then hired someone to build the stores while I was on vacation in Colorado.  What am awesome feeling to check your domain and see a store appear while you are on vacation!

These are also the first 2 stores that I outsourced their creation.  I haven’t touched these two and don’t really know the products.  I’m totally hands off on these two stores and we will see how that goes.  No sales generated on either yet but they are climbing the google rankings.

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