Ebiz Stores

List of my online stores.

“A” – My First Online Store Opened in October 2007.

“B” – My Second Store opened Dec 2007 – Ws a very hard site to get traction on.  Made some sales but just didn’t feel it. Closed it quickly in Feb 2008.

“C” – Sort of launched and then closed because I didn’t like the Volusion platform.  It’s reincarnation became Ebiz E.

“D” – This one failed because my dropshippers were unreliable and out of stock all the time.  Too bad, because it probably would have been decent.  Made a bunch of $2300 sales which had to be refunded.  I talked about its closing here.

“E” – Opened in October 2008, Still going strong.

“F” – Opened in April 2009.  This store did ok, but I was  not really into the product.  Sold the store in Nov 2010.

“G” – Opened in Sept 2010.  This store has very few sales.  But it’s purpose is not to get sales.  It’s more of a strategic blocker store.

“H” – Opened in Jan 2011. Sort of new niche, but semi related to stores A and E. CN

“I” – Opened in Mar 2011.  Changed domain name in August 2011 CW

“J” – Opened in July 2011.  Put on back burner due to Ebiz K and L.

“K” – Opened in August 2011.  HB

“L” – Opened in August 2011. TS

“M” – Opened in October 2011. PP

“N” – Scheduled to open in Jan 2012. HS