Ebiz Store Recap

Some people have asked about my store and I really hadn’t kept track of the older ones that had shut down.  So here is a list of my stores current and past.  As you can see, not all of them went well.

List of my online stores.

“A” – My First Online Store Opened in October 2007.

“B” – My Second Store opened Dec 2007 – Ws a very hard site to get traction on.  Made some sales but just didn’t feel it. Closed it quickly in Feb 2008.

“C” – Sort of launched in March 2008 and then closed because I didn’t like the Volusion platform.  It’s reincarnation later in October became Ebiz E.

“D” – This was opened around October 2008 and it failed because my dropshippers were unreliable and out of stock all the time.  Too bad, because it probably would have been decent.  Made a bunch of $2300 sales which had to be refunded.  I talked about its closing here.

“E” – Opened in October 2008, Still going strong.

“F” – Opened in April 2009.  This store did ok, but I was  not really into the product.  Sold the store in Nov 2010.

“G” – Opened in Sept 2010.  This store has very few sales.  But it’s purpose is not to get sales.  It’s more of a strategic blocker store.

“H” – Opened in Jan 2011. Sort of new niche, but semi related to stores A and E.

“I” – Opened in Mar 2011.  Haven’t talked about it yet.  No sales yet.

“J” – Will open in July 2011.

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