Ebiz Store “H”

So what do nerds get for Christmas?  They get domain names, that’s what.

I remember this clearly, because it was Christmas Eve in 2010 when I bought my domain name for Ebiz Store “G”.  I remember thinking that I got myself an $8.99 present.

Over the course of a week, I created a new store which opened on January 1st, 2011.  I talked about this store last month but I never really talked about it.

As usual, I’m not going to mention the product.  But this store was started because of my competition.  I don’t want to go into details in case they happen to read this.  But basically, they were doing something I didn’t agree with and  I was going to get an attorney to write a letter to them.  They have a bunch of other stores so I was clicking around looking for some of their address information when I came across a good product idea for a store.  Then I thought, why waste money on an attorney letter.  Use that money to open up a new store instead.  So that’s what I did.

So it’s April 17th, 4 months later and this store is doing pretty level.  With consistent SEO, it’s at number 1 on one of the keywords and between 3-4 on the others.  It also ranks for alot of longtail keywords.

It’s first order was on Feb 23rd.  It went almost 2 months without getting a single order.  An ebiz novice may have been frustrated and given up before then, but I know better now.

So from February 23rd to April 17 it has received 27 orders grossing $11,400 and profiting about $4,000.

My out of pocket costs were, $300 store, $9 domain, $50 SSL, $1400 SEO, $300 misc., totalling $2059.

Total profit of $1941.

Going forward, I this store will not have expenses more than $60 a month, so the profit should start to look pretty good.

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