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I haven’t been concentrating much on Ebiz 2.  To date it has only made one sale and quite honestly I was amazed that it did.  The problem right now with Ebiz 2 is that its product, kayaks are very competitive terms.  Each click is costing anywhere from $0.75-$1.00.  That is not much traffic even if you are spending $50 a day.

The numbers just don’t make sense on this product.  Let’s assume it costs me $0.75 a click and my store converts at 2% and my average profit is $40.00.

100 clicks will cost $75.00.  There will be 2 purchases per 100 clicks.  Profits from the two purchases are $80.00.  The store profit is only $5.00.  So you can see that spending money on adwords is a risky move right now.

So for this site, I am going to concentrate on moving it up in the search engine rankings.  The only way this store will become profitable is to get it to rank on many keywords and terms.  The way I plan to do this is by using a store blog to create content.  I am going to try something new this time which is video blogging.  I can create a few how-to videos and stick them on the blog.

I don’t expect this store to become profitable until Spring 2009.  This is actually good because it gives me 5 months to work on its SEO.

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