Early December Update

Well I actually have some real estate updates for once.

My House

We had an incredible hail storm here in early October. What I did not realize is that the hail storm broke the skylights on the roof. Yes, it took me 2 months to realize this because I had shades covering the skylight. My friend took one down and we could see the blue sky. In addition, my roof has a ton of hail damage. I need to get the homeowner’s insurance to come look at it. It may have to be replaced.

Below is a video taken by someone else during the same storm. It’s pretty crazy!

AZ Rental House

My tenant called and said that there is water all over her garage floor. Turns out the water heater began to leak over the weekend. I called a plumber who replaced the water heater for $900, or maybe it was $800. I don’t remember, but I think it was kinda steep. Keep in mind it was a gas water heater so it’s a little more to purchase and install vs. an electric one. I think I paid maybe $100-$150 over what I could have. But I didn’t want to keep calling plumbers and also my tenant did not have any hot water and it was 5pm. The plumber stayed until 10pm to install it.

Other Rentals

I haven’t really talked about my other rentals because no news is good news. I literally haven’t heard from my tenant in Chicago in over a year. I just get a check in the mail 5 days early every month. I’m going to be sad to see him go in June.

The SLC townhomes are also on autopilot. I have good paying tenants and I really like my slc property manager now. They are really running things very smoothly now. I even gave them a testimonial for their website.

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