DVDs, Downloaded Movies and Previews

I received a Netflix DVD today and was forced to watch 14 minutes of previews before it got to the DVD menu.  This kind of shit just annoys the crap out of me.  This was a DVD in which you could not fast forward the previews in any way.  Of course, you were able to rewind a preview easily.

So basically you pay for the DVD and the studios still aren’t happy.  They still have to cram ads down your throat and waste your time.  Guess what happens if you watch 1/2 of the movie and have to watch another day.  Yup, another 14 minutes of the same previews.

When I went to Taiwan, I downloaded and paid $3.99 for 6 movies (24 hour rental) on my tablet to watch on the plane.  Well, I didn’t know that I had to activate the movie by watching it for a second which required internet access.  So I sat on my 10 hour flight movieless.  Then on top of that, I was charged for movies I never got to see because while in Taiwan, I could not download (you can only do that in the USA) the movies I paid for.  The rentals expire after 30 days.

I did call to get a refund, but the hoops you need to jump through for that was not worth getting the $24 back.

Now I am someone who could visit foreign youtubes, torrent sites, burn DVDs and get my hands on pirated movies any time.  I know which sites to go to.  I understand how to use a torrent, burn a DVD, save a streamed video, etc…  But I don’t do that, because I can afford the movies and I also would rather just pay and get it conveniently.

However, all this shit that they make you jump through just to watch a movie that you PAY for is making me go back to the torrent route.

Then on the other hand, Apple makes this very easy but I need to get an Ipad since you can’t do it on Android.

So, I think I’m just going to download torrents because it’s actually easier than paying for DVDs or movie downloads.  or I’ll have to get an Ipad…


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