Did I Ever Mention That I Hate the US Postal Service?

I made this post about the US Postal Service last year.  Well today they have given me another reason to hate them.  I was doing my taxes for 2010 when I noticed that on my credit card I had 3 consecutive charges of $62.60 and 2 consecutive charges for $39.28 from the same day back in August 2010.

After further research I can see that I should have only been charged $62.60 once.  Each of my charges is tied to a specific tracking number and they all go to the same address.  So basically I have 5 USPS charges and 5 tracking numbers going to Joe Schmoe in the UK.  When I track them, only one of the tracking numbers is delivered.  The other 4 say “billing info received” which means that the label was created and the post office hasn’t received the package yet.

Based on the tracking numbers you can clearly see that I did not send 5 packages to the same guy in the UK.  I was charged for services that weren’t received.  You would think this would be easy right?

I call the post office and tell them that I had 4 extra charges on my credit card.  They told me that you have to request a refund within 10 days or there is nothing that they can do.  They told me to file a dispute with my credit card company.

Can you imagine running a business this way.  It would be like me charging a person’s credit card 5 times and shipping one order.  And then knowing that I did not ship out 5 orders, refusing to give a refund and asking the customer to file a dispute.

BTW, I cannot dispute it with the credit card company because the charge is over 90 days.  I’ll have to find some other way to get this resolved.

With experiences like these it’s no wonder that they are always bad mouthed.

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