Contacts and Eye Glasses on the Cheap

Daily Wear Contacts

January is usually when I order my yearly supply of contact lens.  I usually get them from  I usually wear my lens alot longer than the recommended 2 weeks, but I had been thinking about ditching that idea and wearing each lens one week only.

I use the AOsept system and I calculate that I spend about $25/month on contact solutions.  This comes out to $300/yr.  I probably change lens once a month, or 24 lens a year.  My lenses cost me $100/yr.  This makes my yearly contact costs $400/yr.

However, this year I began to wonder what it would cost to wear a new lens every day.  Forget the cleaning and solutions, just open up a new pack in the morning and throw them away at night.  What really made me take a look at this was the new TSA airline regulations.  I hated checking in my luggage just because I had to carry contact solution.  I also hated filling up the small 3oz. bottles with contact solution.

When daily wear lenses first came they were fairly expensive compared to others.  I hadn’t even thought about switching as I’ve been wearing the same brand and make lenses for over 6 years now.  I’m glad I went and revisited this because I can a whole year’s supply of 720 lenses for $345!  Man, I’ve been doing all that work for no reason.  I didn’t expect it to be cheaper going with daily lenses.

Cheap Prescription Eye Glasses 

With contacts I rarely ever wear my eyeglasses out of the house.  I have a pair of glasses that are over 15 years old.  They are falling apart and at a lower prescription than my current one.  I really did not want to pay much money for some glasses that I’ll use only when I wake up in the middle of the night.

A quick google search brought me to Zenni Optical, home of the prescription eyeglasses for $8.00.  Seriously, for $8.00 you can get a pair of prescription eyeglasses.  No need to be stylist here or get any special bells and whistles.  I just bought myself some really nerdy black plastic frames.  In fact, I bought two pairs.  The second pair I put in my car just in case I ever lose a contact while I’m out.

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