Christmas Rush is over

Well it was a good month for my Ebiz1 and Ebiz5.  These two did pretty well and should have done much better but my suppliers/dropshippers ran out of stock of pretty much everything halfway into the month.  I had to cancel a bunch of orders and put up big OUT OF STOCK signs on many of my products.  Even with that happening my two stores grossed about $18,000 with over 150 sales.  I think it could have easily been over $22,000 if my stock hadn’t run out.  I probably could have price gouged at the end if I had the only stores with stock.  Next year I will be more prepared.

Christmas day brought in a few phone calls that I did not answer.  I had a few orders with items missing.  That sucks to open up a Christmas gift and have a part missing.  So far I’ve only had 1 request for a return. Since Christmas it’s been pretty slow although I did manage to rack up 5 sales over the weekend.

I’ve been busy with my Ebook and I’m also creating a new product for my stores.  I got the idea while purchasing a Christmas gift online last week.  So I’m making a prototype and seeing what it will cost in time and materials.  I want to become the supplier that sells to my dropshippers.  I’m going to try out this product in my stores first and see if they sell.

Seeing a product like this Bubble Wrap Calendar has inspired me to create a simple product.  If people will pay $30 for a piece of paper and bubble wrap, they should pay $50 for my product.  It’s nice to have retail stores where you can sort of test out your products in the niche.  Your product becomes instantly legit by being placed in your store.

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