Beer and Pancakes Meetup

This past weekend was the annual Beer and Pancakes meetup where a bunch of people from the Fastlane Forums get together and talk about what they’ve been doing and share any strategies and knowledge. As always, it was a great weekend with plenty of presentations, discussions and fun night life.

I never know what to expect when doing these because you just don’t know what you are going to learn. A wide diversity of businesses were represented during the weekend. We had a person who was a Google Adwords Certified Professional and I learned a few new things about google adwords that I implemented while he was giving his speech. (I love the speed of the internet world)

We had someone who was in the fireworks business who gave a very interesting presentation. I think he has alot of potential in his industry and it will be interesting to see where he is in one year. After his presentation, many of us wanted to be in the fireworks business.

I was glad to meet a few of the readers of this blog. You know who you are! It’s always great to put a face against the comments.

I would say that this year it was about 50/50 in terms of real estate and online businesses. At the first meeting with Robert Kiyosaki, it was 95% real estate and 5% online business. The world has changed alot in 5 years.

Every year the B&P jumpstarts my motivation and those who heard my presentation know what my plans are. I’ve had those plans for 3 months now and finally after this weekend I’m launching a new store. With my new streamlined process, I can pop out new stores for hopefully $25/month. The good thing is that I can test out stores and open and close them spending only $25 + domain name.

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